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"Let us become the change we seek in the world."

Civil Leader (1869 - 1948)


About Us

For years Synergetic Resources has been dedicated to the improvement of performance in both the organization and the individual.

Our services are customized to the clients needs as well as being results oriented. We provide services that fall under the categories of strategic planning, personal development and coaching.

The services are not industry specific and apply to all walks of life.

Meet Mitch



Synergetic Resources is a growing Minneapolis area organization of demonstrated competence.

Synergetic Resources is dedicated to become the preferred resource for company growth and personal development through people in all organizations.


Mission Statement

Through collaboration, networking, and partnerships with our clients we build strong lasting relationships that naturally lead to problem solving for optimal results.


Core Values

We represent our clients and associates with full integrity and honesty.

We are totally driven to deliver measurable results based on mutually agreed upon goals.

We believe that the solution to the problems that prevent most companies from achieving their goals already exist within the organization.

We are committed to exceed expectations in all relationships.

We deliver our products and services in a prompt timely manner.